The Book “Off Grid and Underground” Now Available

We finally have the book published and available on Amazon. This book is a unique look into one of the most unusual building techniques – underground installation of shipping containers – finished out into a very modern, energy efficient home that has proven to be a delight to live in. Detailed how-to instructions from start to finish give the reader a real handle on how they could build this home for themselves successfully and enjoy the wonderful benefits of living underground and off the grid. A real must for those who are considering cutting the city ties and venturing out into the country to establish a successful homestead. Well worth a read!

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About the Author

       Steve Rees and his wife Shirley have been involved in some kind of building or remodeling for most of their married lives – and even before that. They built this home from 2007 – 2008 and have had such an outpouring of interest in the design and concept that Steve decided that a book would help to spread the idea and the details of how to do it. Even in his profession as a Registered Nurse, Steve has always enjoyed teaching and the easy to read, informative instructions contained in this book will make it easy for anyone interested in this design and technique to be well on their way to realizing their dream of building their own unique home. Steve and Shirley travel extensively and have been exposed to a wide variety of designs and cultures, and feel that this architecture has much to offer a world that needs to reduce energy consumption and yet maintain a comfortable lifestyle.



3 thoughts on “The Book “Off Grid and Underground” Now Available

  1. Sam

    I would love to see some pictures of the interior. any chance you could post some?

    • I just posted pictures on the blog:
      Title: Some Pictures

      • It does take some money to get started. Depending on where you live land costs have to be considered for starters. You might think of a “Go Fund Me” campaign – lay out your vision clearly and detailed and how much it would cost and present it to the people and see if some would like to help. You never know what can happen!

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