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Thank you all for your interest in this concept of Off Grid and Underground. I did not know how much interest I would have until this weekend – May 8, 2015. By a wonderful chain of events I was invited to publish an article in Mother Earth News, online version about the home and homestead my wife and I have built in Northern California over the past 12 years. As people have come to visit us they have expressed much interest in our underground house and that lead me to publish the book “Off Grid and Underground”. It wasn’t until this weekend that I began to understand how much interest there really is. There have been over 500 clicks in the first day since the Mother Earth News article was released so now I realize that I need to take this blog more seriously.

I want to make a commitment with you all that I will try to answer every question that you send to me. I will appreciate if you read the book first because many of those questions are answered in the book. I want you to be able to benefit from the experience that we have had in building this home – both good and bad experiences. As I mention in the book several times, there are several things we would do differently  next time. One of the first things my wife says we would do differently would be to use 3 containers instead of two! Mom always needs more room 🙂

I will post some more pictures in the next post to give you an idea of what it all looks like. A picture is worth 1000 words – right!

Once again, I want to thank you all for coming to the blog and I want to commit to you to try and bring relevant material to you to continue answering your questions. I would also like to invite you to send information to me to post as well because I know that many of you are already joining in this lifestyle. We are living in exciting times where some wisely placed technology can serve to give us a wonderfully simplified way to live.

Joy in the Journey – Steve

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